Our approach to making end of life plans and decisions helps you make an effective Will and plan for the probate and administration of your estate. It offers to consider inheritance tax, retirement planning and making sure you have a current LifePlan.

    Kagan Moss is a long established firm of solicitors, serving clients across south west London. The firm provides a full range of legal services for business and private clients but this website is devoted to our Wills, probate, tax and retirement planning services.

    We offer a personal and individual service where each client’s interests are always paramount and we maintain confidentiality and discretion.   Our advice is delivered in clear straightforward terms. Our aim as solicitors is to clarify complicated situations and explain legal jargon.

    Our fees and charges are flexible and graduated. We give estimates for each assignment and explain how we can work together most effectively in order to keep costs to a minimum.

    We do not offer:

    • To sell you services that are not necessary or relevant to your circumstances
    • Unqualified ‘consultants’ with ‘sales targets’ to meet
    • To sell your details to a third party

    You are welcome to come into our offices and to meet us for a no-obligation chat. Just give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll find a time that is convenient for you.


    Review and codicil

    We strongly advise clients to make a Will and to review it every 5 years or more often where personal circumstances change.  If you die without a Will and there is incomplete information about your property and investments, then not only will you miss the chance to deal with your possessions as you want, but you may fail to pass on what you want to those you leave behind.  Sadly there could also be a great deal of work, expense and delay for them. Codicils are useful for making small changes and adjustments to your Will.

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