Why Have A Will?

    As senior solicitors with many years’ experience helping individuals, businesses and families we can help you to think about and make decisions concerning succession generally and the making or amending of Wills and administering estates.

    Without a valid Will your spouse or civil partner will not automatically succeed to everything you own. If you are survived by your parents, brothers or sisters or children then, if there is no valid Will dealing with all of your estate, the law dictates  fixed entitlements and determines who gets a share.  If you make a Will you choose how to pass on your estate, perhaps remembering not just family but any other dependents, close friends or favourite charities too.

    There are many things to consider when making your Will.  Should you set up a trust for beneficiaries who are under 18?  What about assets overseas?  What will happen to my online accounts or my pets when I die? What are the Inheritance Tax issues likely to be for the people I leave behind?

    We can help you think through the issues, explaining what the law says and making sure that your Will expresses your wishes.

    Once you have had the chance to outline your complete situation we will be able to give you an appropriate plan and a clear indication of costs.

    We believe that by taking the trouble to properly understand your wishes and objectives and prepare a plan you can make your Will a ‘Plan for Life’.